Top 5 Mistakes When Teaching Grammar


Grammar will always be the greatest challenge to your English language learners. Whether it is beginners who are just starting to look into the basics or those advanced levels that are preparing for any of the famous standardized tests, making a mistake when explaining grammar will cost big on the student’s learning process and will make you lose credibility in the classroom.

The following are the Top 5 Mistakes When Teaching Grammar you wish to look out for:

1. Choosing the wrong tense: This is a tricky one since students may know the correct form of the verb but the problem occurs in translation of the tense from their first language to English.

2. Incorrect Prepositions: Prepositions are one of the most difficult aspects of learning any language so make sure to use clear and basic examples. Examples of day to day activities are excellent form getting the message across.

3. Omitting Articles: I purchased new computer yesterday. Sense that something’s missing? Yikes! Watch out for these when teaching.

4. Confusing Adverbs and Adjectives: I want to read English good. This is another clear example of Adverbs vs. Adjectives gone wrong. Well…?

5. Wrong Word Order: Is corrected my essay? This is a common and very nasty mistake when teaching English, always remember that foreign language learners tend to translate literally from the first language to English.

So watch out for these notorious mistakes and keep up the good work!