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Veracruz, formally Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave is one of the 31 states that constitute the United Mexican States. Veracruz is bordered by Tamaulipas to the north, the Gulf to the east, Tabasco to the southeast, Oaxaca and Chiapas to the south and Puebla, Hidalgo, and San Luis Potosi to the west. With a population of 7 million the state holds the third place in the nation. The capital is Xalapa, other important cities include Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos and Orizaba.

In April 1518, Juan de Grijalva disembarked on an islet near the shore that was called San Juan de Ulúa. On April 22, 1519 Hernan Cortez disembarked on Chalchihuecan beach, where he decided to found a village and form the first colonial settlement in Mexico. That day was Good Friday, the day of Holy Week known as the day of La Vera Cruz (True Cross) — hence he chose the name of La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz. It was from this base in August 1519 that Cortez began his course of conquest inland to Tenochtitlan, Mexico, while his subsidiary conquistador commanders pacified other regions that today shape the entity of Veracruz.

From this beginning, Veracruz as the entry point for conquest became the principal point of communication and harbor between Spain and New Spain. From this port were shipped many products to Europe like cotton, rice, wheat, domestic animals, gun powder, textiles, wine and all the considerable produce from this rich colony. During the Mexican Revolution there was a brief occupation of the port of Veracruz from April to November 1914, as the United States tried to prevent a shipment of arms to the forces of Victoriano Huerta.

Prior to independence from Spain, there were numerous slave rebellions throughout the Americas, including in Mexico. The first documented slave rebellion in Mexico occurred in 1537; this was followed by the establishment of various runaway slave settlements called “palenques.” Some rebellions were in alliance with Indians and mestizos even as far north as Chihuahua. In 1608, Spaniards negotiated the establishment of a free black community with Yagna, a runaway rebel slave. Today, that community in Veracruz bears its founder’s name.

Living in Veracruz

Veracruz was the first town founded by the Spanish in Mexico in 1519. A port was built and it became one of the most important in the country. Over the next several centuries, the port was invaded and taken over by pirates. Ships from the United States that landed in the port were ravaged by Dutch, French, and English buccaneers. Soon a fortress was built to protect the city and part of it still stands today. Veracruz is Mexico’s principle port of entry, but is now starting to lose its importance. Music, such as marimba, danzonera, and comparsa, and dancing are very important here. Veracruz is home to the famous song, La Bamba.


Average monthly rent for a 2 room apartment in a medium-class zone: $3200 Pesos

Average monthly rent for one room in a medium-class zone:  $2200 Pesos
Single bus, metro or other urban transport ticket:  $9 Pesos
Cup of coffee/tea in a cafe:  $30 Pesos
Lunch in a medium standard restaurant:  $50 Pesos
Beer in a bar:  $30 Pesos
Dinner in a medium standard restaurant:  $140 Pesos
Alcoholic drink in a pub on the nightime:  $50 Pesos
Refreshing drink from a vending machine:  $9 Pesos
Newspaper:  $10 Pesos
Taxi from the airport to the city centre:  $92 Pesos
A cinema ticket on a weekend:  $56 Pesos
Main museum ticket:  $55 Pesos