When Is the Best Time of Year to Teach English Abroad?


It is many people’s wildest dream to be able to live and work in a foreign country. While it sounds nearly impossible to simply pack your bags and move to another country, there is a popular way that travelers around the world get to experience living abroad. As an English speaker, you can teach English abroad in many different countries, and be able to earn a wage to finance your stay. Before doing so, it’s important to conduct research on the best time of year to teach English abroad, so you can cater your plans accordingly.

You may choose to go with an English teaching program, or go independently. In most cases, it is best to obtain some sort of certification, as most countries prefer certified English teachers. The most popular English teaching certification is the Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate, or TEFL. Obtaining this certificate takes a few weeks of training and has a program cost ranging from $1700 to $3000 USD depending in the provider.

For some countries, there is a more strenuous interview process that comes along with teaching English. You are looking at a commitment that is between three to six, or six to nine months of time. Take these timelines into consideration when determining the best time of year to teach English abroad. If you know for certain that you would like to teach in a country at a particular time of year, it is a good idea to do research to determine how much time the process takes between beginning your training, and ending your teaching abroad.

There are various factors that might make certain seasons or times of year better for teaching English abroad. One is the academic calendar. If you want to teach kids who are still attending elementary, middle or public school, determine when the country’s summer break is. After school programs tend to be shorter and less comprehensive than summer English classes, because students have less time during the school year. If you are looking to create relationships with your students, teach English during the summer.

Also research climate and weather conditions. The best time of year to teach English abroad is the time when the weather is most comfortable for you. Some regions have a rainy season all year long, and the southern hemisphere has inverted seasons throughout the year. If you know you can’t stand hot or humid weather, make sure to cater your training timeline to that fact before you leave.

Leaving the place you consider home is a scary thought, but the scariest opportunities can be the best. While the planning the process of teaching English in another country may seem time consuming and daunting, being able to take the risk of leaving your comfort zone, and come back many months later with endless memories will certainly be worth it.

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