Study + Work + Travel


So, what is all this about?

Jumping on a plane and teaching English in a foreign country might seem like something out of an adventure novel, you might be thinking; there is no way I can do that! Well, guess what? Yes, you can! We have helped thousands of people like you embark on the life changing experience of teaching English overseas.


Take your 4 week Internationally Accredited TEFL Course in Guadalajara, Mexico. The facility at ITTO is secure and fully equipped with modern learning equipment such as Interactive White Boards, WIFI Internet Connection, and the latest E-Learning resources to provide you with everything that you need to complete your training.


ITTO offers Lifelong Paid Job Placement Service to all its Graduates. You can choose where in Mexico or Worldwide you wish to work and we make it possible. With an employer network of more than 13,000 schools worldwide we can place you anywhere you wish teach in. Over 4500 graduates have been successfully placed in the destination they have always wanted and not only once, we have graduates who have been teaching abroad non-stop for over 9 years.


Go to any location around the world that you feel like immersing yourself in. It is said that the only investment made that can truly make you richer is travel. Meeting new people, learning new languages, understanding cultures and customs you never even dreamed of what will make your existence on this blue orb in space we call home meaningful and truly rich. At ITTO, our words are Inspiring Education & Travel.

Simple as that. So, you take our 4 week course, we land you a job in your desired location, and you explore the world