Hostels, Hotels and Apartments


Only a short walk from our Training Center.  Private and shared rooms equipped with a common kitchen, and dining room conditioned ideally for having a conversation with other guests, watching cable television, or simply gliding the day with a cup of coffee, free WIFI. Continental breakfast is included in some.

From $1,050.00 pesos per week to $8,200.00 pesos for four weeks, depending on type of accommodation. Please ask price for longer stays.

Hotels. Four and Five stars

Within a short walking distance.  Excellent facilities on single and double rooms. They also feature a restaurant, lounge bar, room service, free Wi-Fi in rooms and public areas. The environment in all is very calm providing guests with a soothing ambiance. All are in the middle of main historic and attraction sites.

Prices range from $5,986.00 pesos per week to $26,935.00 pesos for four weeks, depending on the type of accommodations.

Furnished Apartments

From very good to best available, modern one or two bedroom furnished apartments will average U.S. $550 to $1500 per month, some include a swimming pool, air conditioned and restaurant. We do not arrange roommates in apartments.

Please contact us to provide you with fees based on your starting date.