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Welcome to ITTO TEFL Courses in Mexico!

ITTO -International Teacher Training Organization- is a teacher training institute dedicated to providing high-quality, highly practical TEFL / TESL / TESOL certificate courses where participants develop their teaching skills through a combination of morning input sessions and afternoon teaching practices.

ITTO’s reputation and the high quality of its course allow us to offer our graduates Paid Job Placement in Mexico and Worldwide, upon successful completion of the TEFL / TESL / TESOL course.

Becoming qualified to Teach English as a Foreign or Second Language with the International Teacher Training Organization is an exciting and rewarding 4-week program which develops the necessary skills, confidence, and ability to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) effectively.

ITTO uses a communicative approach to train new teachers whose skills meet the specific needs of today’s EFL / ESL job market. With our focus on providing exceptional teacher training and ensuring graduate employment, ITTO stands out among other TEFL / TESL / TESOL training programs.

One of the many advantages of taking the ITTO teaching certificate course outside your home country is that it gives you the hands-on experience needed to make a smooth transition from student to teacher. The unusually high number of teaching practices (exceeding international standards) during the course also gives you the authentic EFL/ESL teaching experience sought by potential employers in this expanding global industry.

In Guadalajara, Mexico, we offer a location that is vibrant, rich in culture, and accessible. What better reasons for choosing a TEFL / TESL / TESOL course than first-class training, plenty of EFL/ESL teaching experience with genuine EFL students following an official curriculum. The latter is extremely important, since many other training centers around the world recruit volunteers for trainees’ teaching practices. To all that has been said, add a beautiful, historical location where you gain a true reflection of teaching English in a foreign country.

Guadalajara,Mexico is the second largest city in Mexico, and it is recognized as the most traditional Mexican city, the birthplace of Mexico´s most emblematic icons: Tequila (our national drink), Mariachi music, and Typical Mexican cuisine. In addition, The Worldwide Renowned Time Out magazine has named Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico as the Coolest Neighborhood in the World to visit, ITTO is located in the historic downtown area, just a few blocks from the World’s Coolest Neighborhood by Time Out Magazine.

And recently, The New York Times has recognized Guadalajara as one of the greatest cities to visit, calling it a “compulsory stop” in 2023.

Our relationship does not end on the final day of the course. Upon successful academic completion of the program, the International Teacher Training Organization provides lifelong job guidance worldwide, and guarantees graduates paid employment in Mexico. Direct employment contacts are provided for virtually any world destination where there is a demand for qualified EFL/ESL teachers.

Once qualified, you will discover that teaching English can be fun and rewarding for both student and teacher alike. Whether taking a year out, financing global travels, exploring a second career or as part of an intern program, teaching English abroad gives you the perfect opportunity to experience different cultures, enjoy unforgettable moments and make many lifelong friends, all while following a professional career.

Our training and management teams have over 40 years of experience in language schools and training institutes throughout the world, and welcome you to apply for this exciting and refreshing course.

We look forward to training you in one of our courses and hope to see you soon.



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