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🌴🌊 Who’s ready for a FREE beach vacation?! Enjoy 4 days of sun, and sand ON US! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Start your ITTO Certificate Program in Guadalajara, Mexico on March 31 – May 2, 2025, and you will automatically get a FREE 4-Day/3 night vacation in fabulous, world-renowned Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Your vacation includes Accommodation, ITTO-bus station drop-off, roundtrip deluxe motorcoach transportation with beverages and snacks in route, restroom on board, and leisure time in Puerto Vallarta from April 12 – 15, 2025



Free Tequila City Tour! The birthplace of one of Mexico´s most emblematic icons: Tequila (our national drink)

Enroll for our May 6, 2024 course and get a FREE Tequila City Tour.


All students that register for ITTO Certificate Program in Guadalajara, Mexico for May 6, 2024, Session will automatically get a FREE Tequila City Tour to the world-renowned City of Tequila (45 mins away). Enjoy a free Tequila tasting experience!


We will begin by enjoying a beautiful Agave Landscape on our way to our first destination, the Don Cayo factory, where they produce artisanal Tequila from 100% organic Blue Agave.

Once at the factory, we will explain the production process, followed by a tasting of different kinds of Tequila, and you will get to explore the most extended aging cellar in the region.

We will then take you to the City of Tequila Jalisco, where you will have some free time to discover the most important places, such as: Casa Cuervo, the Grandparents Museum, the Main Square, among other spots.

Shortly after, we will visit the traditional restaurant El Carnal, where you will enjoy a delicious meal (Not included)


Lastly, we will make a final stop at the Traditional Cantaritos de Amatitán (traditional beverages served in clay/mud pots) so that you get to know and taste a great variety of delicious flavors.







Join us for a Fun Trip!

Enroll for our June 3, 2024 course and get a FREE Chapala Lake Tour

All students who register for the ITTO Certificate Program in Guadalajara, Mexico, beginning on June 3, 2024 Session will automatically get a FREE Chapala Lake Tour

To world-renowned Lake Chapala (55 minutes away)

High lights: 

  • Stop at Charreria shop. What is Charreria? (Mexican Cowboy Style)
  • Enjoy a Tequila tasting.
  • Stop at Piedra Barrenada Town.
  • Take part in Mexican traditional candy tasting at Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos Town.