Graduate Testimonials




I definitely recommend taking this course. It has given me the confidence to teach English and
provided me plenty of skills that I will be able to use in the classroom.


California, USA

ITTO has changed my life in a positive way. At first, I was afraid that ITTO was too good to be true
and was very skeptical about it. However, I decided to give it a try. Thanks to my intuition, I ended up
taking a course that not only turned out to be true but also helped me connect with other cultues! ITTO
is a real institution that guarantees job placements. Be like me, take this opportunity, be brave, you
will not regret it!


Staffordshire, England

I graduated from the ITTO TEFL on-site course in Guadalajara

I have to say that during my time at ITTO I found the staff to be extremely supportive on an educational and personal level. The free medical service turned out to be an absolute Godsend and I’m very grateful for it! (Especially as I had no idea about it until I arrived).

My trainer was experienced, enthusiastic, motivated and most importantly, he connected with our group so that by the end of the course, he was not only our trainer, but our friend. I felt that my trainer was integral to the course – I learned so much from him that I cannot imagine having gone through the experience without him.

The course was intense but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The opportunity to teach from Day 3 of the course was daunting to begin with, but I believe it was the best way to make everybody feel involved and motivated throughout the four weeks.

I have made some life-long friends through ITTO, and for me, that is just as important as the course itself. The TEFL Certificate course as a learning experience was informative and helpful and I really appreciate the opportunities it has given me. However, the people I met on the course were also part of that learning experience – offering support, sharing ideas and sharing stories.

I think this social aspect of the course is a big advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked- especially as your some of your classmates will be living in the same hostel as you if you choose that accommodation option. Yes the course can be demanding at times, but its easier if you can moan about it for 10 minutes over a coffee or a beer with somebody who is in the same boat!

The job placement guarantee is great – especially if you are looking for your first job in a country you have never visited before. However, I think it is important to do your research on areas you would prefer to teach in before you begin the course. It is also important to be flexible. If you arrive with very specific job specifications then it may not be possible for ITTO to service the job guarantee within a two week period.

Also – ensure you have enough back up funds – your first job may be low paid, or you may not have enough hours to begin with.

ITTO offers you the opportunity to learn, work, have fun, meet people, travel and get a certificate at the end of it all! I enjoyed it and I think you will too.


California, USA

I took my TEFL course onsite in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was simply fantastic! The professionalism of the staff, trainers, and support staff is simply amazing. I can now say that I am a fully qualified and capable EFL teacher. Plus their job placement is wonderful! ITTO does indeed deliver on their job placement guarantee. They found me and excellent job with a school in Mexico and I am truly enjoying my time here.

The onsite TEFL course in Guadalajara Mexico is definitely the best option for becoming a certified EFL teacher.


London, England

My experience at ITTO was a positive one. Our teacher was superb – experienced, honest and motivational and the team as a whole was very helpful and encouraging. My first job has been in a place with limited resources and few other staff. Without the skills I picked up at ITTO – especially the ten lessons teaching – I would have seriously struggled, but, as it is, I’m really enjoying it. The course, though only one month (albeit very intensive), will push you, inspire you and enable you to hit the ground running for your first teaching placement. I’m glad I did it.


Oregon, USA

I took the 4-wk TEFL/TESL training course at ITTO Guadalajara. I highly recommend taking the course on site to take full advantage of training with colleagues and, more importantly, observing and practice teaching at IMAC, ITTO’s partnering school. The TEFL/TESL course is intense and challenging, the ITTO staff is courteous, knowledgeable, accommodating and supportive, and the practice teaching with its professional evaluations is rewarding and inspiring. An added bonus – a primary attraction for me – is that ITTO’s job placement team is committed to guiding you through the interview and placement process in order to uphold ITTO’s job placement guarantee. I so appreciate the opportunity to train under and work with such professional, reliable and trustworthy people. You will, too.


Auckland, New Zealand

I was a little anxious when I left New Zealand to participate in the ITTO TEFL program in Guadalajara. From my arrival everything was exactly as I was told it would be, I was even sent a picture of the taxi I should get on arrival at the airport. I opted to stay in a homestay initially and it was a safe friendly environment. I then shifted into a posada near the school and found that an equally good experience. The school program is intense as it is only 4 weeks so it is a good opportunity to learn as much as you can about foreign language teaching.

The training is professional and supportive. I was encouraged and tutored and very quickly found myself in front of a classroom of eager young Mexican students. With each lesson I was evaluated and provided with valuable feedback to help me grow as a teacher. The trainers and office support is outstanding as they are fluent in both English and Spanish so any hiccups with getting settled are easily taken care of, including assisting with mobile phone registration and ensuring I was comfortable in my accommodation.

I was also very impressed with the Spanish class that ITTO organized for me at the end of my course at IMAC (the ITTO sister school).

I have found Mexico as safe as anywhere I have traveled in the world and the people and culture welcoming, so much so that I am still here!

In summary the entire experience at ITTO was a great experience and I now have a TEFL certificate and a profession I can practice anywhere in the world.


Aranda, Australia

The onsite TEFL course in Guadalajara was the perfect preparation for me as a teacher. I took the course in March/ April 2011, and although it was very demanding, I feel that it accurately projected the daily requirements of life as a teacher. It would not have been to my benefit to have had an ‘easy ride’, as I would have had a nasty shock with the work load of real teaching!

The practice teaching at nearby IMAC was a great experience. The feedback from my trainer was always constructive and gave me the confidence to try new things and adapt my approach. She was very supportive.

The job assistance that I received was phenomenal. I had a choice of five jobs before I had even finished my course! All of the interviews were arranged for me, and the ITTO staff helped advise me on what type of working conditions, salary and extras to expect. I would recommend anyone who is seriously considering a TEFL career to choose ITTO.


Dulliken, Switzerland

I did my TEFL course onsite in Guadalajara. Since I am a non-native English speaker at the beginning I had my doubts if I would be able to follow the course and meet the courses’ objectives. But thanks to my teachers and a lot of studying I was able to finish the TEFL course and get my diploma. The course was very intense and we covered a lot of material in just 4 weeks. I learned a lot, not only during classes at ITTO but also through teaching practices, observing experienced teachers and getting feedback from my observers. Staff at ITTO was always very helpful and I was happy to be able to practice my Spanish with them. I can highly recommend the TEFL course at ITTO.

Like most potential foreign students, I was somewhat concerned when I decided to register on-line for a course outside of my own country …and I must say, I made the right decision choosing ITTO. Liz is extremely helpful, Alan handles every situation admirably and our teacher, Sarah was great. Should you have any questions, I would be happy to help if I can.


Guadalajara, Mexico

I would highly recommend this course in the beautiful city of Guadalajara. We had the best experience and feedback from experienced teachers that observed us for our practice teaching together with an outstanding staff that was always ready to help and guide us throughout the process. If you are seriously considering on teaching English I highly recommend this course to anyone considering a Tefl certificate. And the best of all: at the end of your course several job options will be available for you.


California, USA

I attended the ITTO course and by the end of that month, I was employed. That’s not to say the course was easy, in fact, I found myself teaching within that first week… for the first time ever!

Still, stepping into that classroom, I felt confident, everything that I’d learned wheeled out of me. I soon realized I was being lead by professionals, truly devoted to their teaching, and I was unknowingly absorbing that. Our same trainers observed and provided constructive feedback, assuring that every lessons was better than the last.

The ITTO facility was without a doubt the most resourceful atmosphere; it’s equipped with computers, printers, books.. essentially all materials for lesson planning. And, the staff is by far the friendliest most organized personnel I’ve encountered. All of this on top of the beauties of Guadalajara; I have nothing but appreciation for ITTO. It’s opened a new world for me, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Thanks ITTO!