Guaranteed Job Placement


If your interest is traveling and teaching abroad, we sincerely encourage you to search “TEFL paid job placement” agencies.

Different from what reputable agencies do, which is secure a position for you abroad, we will go further; upon successful academic completion of the course, obtain paid employment and certify you in a most rewarding career, a TEFL Certificate gives you advantages over other candidates who may be looking for a job teaching English as a foreign language.

Administrators and School Directors are more strict about who they hire than they once were. In the past any native speaker could simply ask for a TEFL job and be given one. A TEFL Certificate shows employers that you have been trained and are acquainted with the skills and methods of teaching English. It therefore makes you a much more attractive job candidate over unqualified applicants.

Holding a TEFL certificate will definitely become a worthy added value to your C.V. over non-certified teachers, as a certification is becoming the standard requirement when applying for a job, you will also receive the benefit of our permanent Guaranteed Job Placement program.

Through our network of associate schools and our Lifelong Guaranteed Job Placement program, ITTO is able to guarantee graduates paid teaching positions practically in all major cities around the world.

During the course, you will be given detailed job guidance for you to decide on what location and context will best suit your needs.

Job Placement

The following is a break down on the job placement process in 6 simple steps:

Step 1: You provide us with a list of 5 different cities where you would like to work


Step 2: Our job placement specialist assists you in integrating a CV specifically designed for the EFL market and destination objectives.


Step 3: Through our job guidance sessions you are oriented and informed on how to secure jobs through proven successful interview techniques.


Step 4: Our job placement specialists contact schools for you using your CV and arrange your interviews.

This includes the following:

  • Resume analysis report
  • ESL resume and Cover letter
  • Practice interview and profesional feedback


Step 5: You interview with employers over the phone, via Skype,
or physically if you decide to stay in Guadalajara.


Step 6: You decide which job you would like to start your new TEFL career dream job!.


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