Frequently Asked Questions

We are conveniently located in Guadalajara Mexico, second largest city in Mexico and recognized as the most traditional Mexican city, birthplace of Mexico´s most emblematic icons: Tequila (our national drink), Mariachi music and Typical Mexican cuisine. In addition, The Worldwide Renowned Time Out magazine has named Colonia Americana in Guadalajara Mexico as the Coolest Neighborhood in the World to visit, ITTO is located in the historic downtown area, just a few blocks from the World’s Coolest Neighborhood by Time Out Magazine.

In addition, In 2023 The New York Times recognized Guadalajara as one of the greatest cities to visit, calling it a “compulsory stop” in 2023.

Guadalajara has been on a roll lately! Nominated for the Readers’ Choice Awards as one of the best positioned cities in the world, it’s being recognized alongside some of the most iconic destinations out there. Think Amsterdam, Madrid, Hamburg, Berlin, Cannes, Bruges, Brasilia, Atlanta… the list goes on!.

The term TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. A TEFL Certificate shows that you have training and experience in Teaching English.

A TEFL Certificate verifies that you have knowledge in the theory and methods pertinent to understanding foreign language development and how a second language should be taught.

Completing the program will give you the skills along with the confidence to be a successful teacher in the ESL/EFL field. Finally, a TEFL Certificate gives you advantages over other candidates who may also be looking for a job teaching English.

This depends entirely on the country where you plan to teach. A certified teacher in Mexico expects to make in an initial position from $500 – $800 US dollars a month.

Salaries for EFL teachers in Mexico are very competitive in the local economy and will definitely cover all of your living expenses locally. The highest paying jobs for Business English are in Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, with salaries around $5,000-$6,000 US per month. In Japan and South Korea you can expect to earn about $2,500-$3,000 US per month as a salaried TEFL teacher.

These countries are some of the top destinations for Job Placement for our Graduates.

You must be at least 21 years of age for your application to be considered. Applicants aged 18 through 20 can be considered based on a phone interview.

There is no official upper age limit. Some employers may have a preference for younger teachers while others tend to prefer more mature teachers.

Teaching is one of the professions where you are never too old, actually in some Schools and Institutes, Directors of Schools prefer an older, more mature person for a teaching job, because of the respected image that they portray.

The majority of our trainees are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, but we have successfully trained and found employment for graduates in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Most schools run one year contracts. Most school directors will want you to commit at least six months. Some schools may offer jobs without a contract on a freelance basis for a probation time before offering a contract.

Applicants must:

  • Be aged 21 or over. (18 to 20 year olds can be considered based on an admission interview)
  • Have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables the trainee to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels.
  • All candidates whose first language is not English must be interviewed and take a language awareness test.
  • Have the potential to develop the necessary skills to become effective teachers, to successfully complete the written assignments and perform in the observed teaching practices.
  • Have a positive attitude towards team work and experiential learning activities. This includes acknowledging the relevance of these in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and willingness to participate in all course dynamics.
  • Have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into university.

Please note that although it is not compulsory for applicants to possess a University degree to enroll in our program, many foreign countries prefer college-university degrees from their EFL teachers. Candidates to our TEFL program are usually college-university graduates.


Yes, internationally accepted guidelines state that the course must have 120 hours of input, 6 hours of teaching practice and be externally monitored. The ITTO TEFL course offers 140 hours of input, a minimum of 10 hours teaching practice and is externally monitored and is externally accredited by several renowned academic organizations.

No. You do not need to know the language of your students. Most language schools today do not encourage the use of the students’ native language.

If traveling from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Western Europe, you only need the standard tourist visa issued upon entry to Mexico.

A 30 day visa gives you enough time to complete the course, a 60, 90 or 180 day visa can be requested instead of the 30 day.

To obtain either one you will only need your passport. If in doubt please contact the nearest Mexican consulate.


If you want to be placed immediately after our course, be certain that we will obtain a job for you within 2 to 4 weeks after graduation. Again, thanks to our job guidance/placement the majority of our trainees will have found employment two weeks after having completed the course. The only exceptions may be graduates who wish to work in a relatively difficult location (due to demand, timing or regulations). At ITTO we count with a worldwide employer network of over 13,000 schools.

An English teacher usually may work an average of 30-40 hours per week approximately 5-7 classes per day.

(The schedule can be arranged between you and the school) Twenty-five to thirty hours a week should be more than enough to support you. Upon successful completion of our course, we guarantee paid job placement in Mexico and provide direct employment contacts worldwide.

We have found jobs for our trainees virtually everywhere.

The global demand for EFL teachers allows us to place our graduates in teaching positions throughout the globe. There are several teaching positions available for you in any major city that you can think of.

Wherever you select to teach is where we can help you find employment. ITTO is able to guarantee graduates paid teaching positions practically in all major cities around the world. At the beginning of the course, we ask our students to provide us with their 5 preferred locations. The demand for language teachers increases daily.

The possibilities are endless.

Teachers with a TEFL certificate find jobs in grade schools, private language institutes, high schools and universities. Free-lancing is also an option, teaching business people in their offices, meeting your students in cafes for one-on-one conversation classes.

This depends partly on the kind of job you want, the country where you want to work, and of course, on your teaching experience, the degrees you may have, and your performance.

Our TEFL Course fee is USD $1,495.00 US dollars

We accept enrollment payments by the following means:

  • Credit Card: Visa, Master Card, or AMEX
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cash (for remaining tuition balances)

The International Teacher Training Organization is an exciting and rewarding 4-week program which develops the necessary skills, confidence and ability to teach EFL / ESL effectively The ITTO TEFL certificate course is an intensive140 hr course. The course is run Monday to Friday.

9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.: Input sessions covering teaching skills, classroom management, grammar and phonetics with a 15 minute recess at 11:00 a.m.

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.: Lunch

2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.: Guided lesson preparation

3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.: Teaching practice and fulfillment of course assignments

There is really no best or worst time. Countries in different Hemispheres have different academic years and tend to hire year round anyway, on an as needed basis.

Jobs at language centers will be available anytime of the year.

We actually secure jobs for our graduates every month of the year in one of their 5 preferred locations.

No, you do not have to stay in Mexico for a long period of time to become employed. Many schools offer 6 month work period offers. This is perfect for teachers on holiday/vacation.

It is important to be honest with your students and tell them how long you plan on teaching at a given school, since students really get attached to their teacher.

The first step for enrolling into our course is to apply online at:

We will reserve a place to those who provide a $200 U.S. dollar deposit. We strongly suggest providing the deposit at your earliest convenience. Due to the quality of our course and our guaranteed job placement program, it fills months in advance.

No. you do not need to have a University degree. The minimum educational requirement to join our course is to have a standard of education as the one required for entry into higher education.

Everything that you may need for the course and the teaching practices will be provided to you. We also have a large EFL selection of books, teaching aids and materials available for our trainees to use.

Should you feel in need to buy teaching materials, you can easily find them in Mexico.

No. We do not require for trainees in our program to have a college degree; we have secured jobs for several graduates who did not have but a high school diploma. There are plenty of opportunities for teachers with only TEFL certificates.

Yes, we are proud to mention that at ITTO you will be teaching real students undergoing a structured syllabus, we do not use volunteers.

Absolutely! Contact us to request contact information from some of our graduates so that you can get the testimony of somebody who is teaching abroad right now.

People in their early twenties who are recent graduates, but we also have people in their thirties and forties who either want a career switch. We have also had people either approaching or in retirement.

Finally, we have people from other English speaking countries in our courses as well as good non-native speakers. The type of program we offer attracts people with many backgrounds, recent college graduates, career changers, and retired people.

Some people have never taught before, others have some teaching experience, but want to enhance their skills or improve their credentials.

Some see teaching English as a way to travel and explore the world.

For all of these people, a TEFL Certificate program provides a foundation of skills that are the basis of good language teaching.

Our classes have 10-20 students, therefore we successfully graduate over 200 TEFL certified Teachers per year.

Most insurance providers in your country offer international coverage plans. We suggest calling your local insurance agent. Please compare several companies’ fees before committing to one. An online search will review a great number of carriers.

Child care is available anywhere in Mexico and is affordable.

There are several Child Care centers in almost every city.

Some are offered by federal government for workers as part of the fringe benefits, others are private institutions that can offer child care for only a certain amount of hours or unlimited monthly use of the service.

Mexico is a young country (Children 0-14 years form 37% of the population) therefore, the focus is very much on children and their education.

If your child can communicate in Spanish, s/he can be enrolled virtually at any given time in a private school to continue her studies. Larger cities in Mexico can also offer the option to enroll your child in a bilingual school.

Once you start the enrolling process at any elementary, junior high or high school, you will be told how his/her school transcripts will be revalidated and adapted to the Mexican system.

Your child can come with you as a tourist, and then modify the status of his/her visa after you obtain a work visa. Your child may also come later with a student visa after you have started a job and have secured an apartment or small house, and have found the right school for your child.

When you work for a school or language center, they will withhold a percentage of your earnings as tax.

When you work on your own, you may keep 100% of your income, yet you will not receive fringe benefits.

Many teachers supplement their language center income by teaching privately.

Working for a company will give you the benefit to receive the previously mentioned benefits local people acquire when working.

People are interested in obtaining a TEFL certification, because they may want a career in the EFL/ESL field, a switch of careers or just want to teach during their summer break or while they are traveling (to cover expenses).

Being certified to teach English is a profession that will always allow you to find a job worldwide, regardless of where you might be.

No, the tuition does not cover the cost of transportation, nor housing. Can I pay in something different from dollars? Yes, you can pay in Mexican Pesos at the exchange rate at that moment.

If you have arranged your own accommodations, we can still arrange your airport pickup to your accommodation free of charge.

You have to be at least 18 years old, there is no official upper age limit. Some employers may have a preference for younger teachers while others tend to prefer more ‘mature’ teachers.

Our requirements state you must be at least 21 to join our courses.

The majority of our trainees are in their 20’s, 30’s and 40 ‘s, but we have successfully trained and found employment for graduates in their 50’s and 60’s and therefore welcome applications from all interested parties regardless of age, gender or religion.

Some schools do their hiring for teaching positions in January, June, July, August and September. Yet schools experience vacancies all the time, and hire teachers on an as-needed basis. Teachers may leave at any given time and positions become available. Schools contact us to request qualified teachers; therefore we have successfully placed our trainees and graduates all year round.

Our Teacher Trainers are required to have a successful career in teaching of at least five years and EFL Teacher Training experience for a minimum of three years, although most of them amply exceed this margin.

All are active teachers, therefore fully aware of the classroom situations facing teachers today.

The ITTO TEFL course distinguishes itself from other TEFL courses in several important areas.

ITTO is able to guarantee graduates paid teaching positions practically in all major cities around the world.. The ITTO course has a higher practical teaching content than almost all other TEFL courses. By practical content we mean actual classroom hours where trainee teachers teach genuine students of English. Trainee teachers get a genuine feel for actual teaching during the course.

This helps build their confidence and teaching skills, and prepares them for the real world of teaching after the course. No other TEFL course offers 10 hours of fully observed teaching practice on genuine students of English. A lot of TEFL courses offer classroom practice through teaching fellow trainee teachers.

Other courses offer many hours of teaching practice, but these are neither fully observed nor real lessons. Some courses account for group discussion of the previous days as teaching practice.

Other important advantages include: The ITTO TEFL certificate is synonymous with quality. Graduates of our course earn a TEFL certificate of true international recognition, which is held in high regard by language schools around the world.

Yes. Teaching practice will take place nearly every afternoon. You will have 10 teaching classes, 2 conversation classes, 1 on 1 assessment classes and the opportunity to observe real EFL teachers at least 6 classes, spread as evenly as possible over the four weeks of the course.

It is important to mention that your practices will not be done with volunteers or teaching your peers in class, but real EFL students.

The people we accept in our course need to be work dedicated, therefore we do not have a failing rate; we have had only 1 or 2 cases of people that did not get the certificate.

ITTO facilities are located in the hart of a modern and Colonial Downtown Guadalajara. As an ITTO trainee, you will be working in modern classrooms, quiet facilities for lesson preparation and / or self-study.

We have a well-stocked library available for our ITTO trainees, containing a wide variety of up-to-date books on methodology, grammar, as well as books with activities to be used in the classroom. You will have access to free internet in + 40 computers to send resumes and stay in touch with your dear ones.

Basically not, the four-week ITTO certificate course is accepted as initial teacher training course worldwide, we exceed all the basic criteria. We give you the best of both worlds. Ours is a TEFL certificate that exceeds British standards, and it is recognized for quality in the U.S.

Being an English teacher will be a rewarding opportunity, taking a Certificate course will also enable those interested in teaching as a career to get some first hand experience and develop from there.

Many companies and graduate schools tend to value international experience. The cultural awareness that you will gain living and working in another part of the world will be invaluable to you in the long term, for many people this is their opportunity to real traveling.

Administrators are more strict about who they hire than they once were.

In the past, any native speaker could simply ask for a job and be given one. A TEFL Certificate shows employers that you have been trained and are acquainted with the skills and methods of teaching English.

It therefore makes you a much more attractive job candidate over unqualified applicants.

You can expect interactive style classes in which full participation is expected. It is a program that will give you the foundation of what may become a profession. You can be sure that when you leave, you will have a solid foundation upon which to build your future growth as a teacher.

Our course is intensive, therefore it is work dedicated, but you will get all the necessary help to graduate successfully and still have fun doing it.

We contact our students by emails, yet we can also confirm by a phone call or fax.

Our course is designed for you to do certain tasks yet aside lesson planning for your teaching practices a formal everyday homework is not part of our program.

We offer several extra curricular activities to our trainees such as Dancing Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Spanish conversation classes, among other activities; these activities will help you mingle with Mexican culture.

For students who may be also looking for a Spanish language school before or after our course, our sister school’s Spanish language program is backed up with over 36 years of experience in language instruction and offers you the possibility of participating in one of the finest Spanish language immersion programs available.

Should you register to our courses, you will receive a 5 % discount in each.

ITTO regards English as a global language and therefore welcomes applicants from all countries (as well as non-native speakers with a proficient level of English). There is no preferential treatment for, or discrimination against, trainees because of origin, accent or pronunciation.

No. ITTO uses the universally accepted communicative approach to teaching, where English is the only language used in the classroom.

Yes. Due to the high practical content of the TEFL course, all graduates will have the necessary skills, confidence and ability to embark on their teaching careers and work in a professional manner anywhere in the world.

Yes. However there is no true international body for TEFL courses, internationally accepted guidelines state that the course must have 100 hours of input, 6 hours of teaching practice and is externally monitored.

The ITTO TEFL course has, in fact, 140 hours of input and a minimum of 10 hours teaching practice as well as being externally monitored. As you can see our course by far exceeds the recommended international standards.

Yes. Included in the course fees are arrival point greeting, transfer to accommodation, organized social events as well as information regarding local trips, excursions and events.

After your course, ITTO will give you advice on how to rent an apartment or small house in your desired teaching destination.

You should drink bottled water (Easily available throughout Mexico) or boil your water for approximately 30-40 minutes.

After brushing your teeth, rinse with bottled water, and don’t open your mouth when taking a shower.

You should also be careful of handling money and then handling your food. Like anywhere, the money is very dirty so always wash your hands before touching your food.

ITTO is able to provide information, advice and help regarding visas for all teaching destinations around the world. ITTO will also provide advice and information for those wishing to secure work and residence permits after course completion.

No, you do not have to speak Spanish in order to teach. Some school directors will prefer that you don’t know Spanish.

It forces the students to communicate with you in English. If you do know Spanish, be careful of using it as a “crutch”.

Some of the best international language schools insist that only the language being taught is spoken during class.

It is very difficult to get a job or apply for a position teaching English in your location before you get there because school directors are very social people.

They like to see the candidate before hiring. Schools have been “burned” by teachers. They say they are coming and then don’t show up.

The schools prepare their students for the new teacher and then a “no show”.

Schools have learned that it is better to hire when they see the teacher face to face in their town or city.

English is the international language of business and culture.

People from all walks of life, including professionals, young people, and parents want to learn English or want their children to learn English.

They believe this can best be accomplished by teachers who were raised and educated in an English-speaking country.

These developments are driving the great demand for English instructors in most areas of the world.

Please consider that ITTO is able to guarantee graduates paid teaching positions practically in all major cities around the world..

Teaching may be a magnificent opportunity to travel and see the world, Whether taking a year out, financing global travels, exploring a second career or as part of an intern program, teaching English abroad gives you the perfect opportunity to experience different cultures, enjoy unforgettable moments and make many lifelong friends, all while following a professional career.

You can expect to find a friendly environment, with directors caring for your needs. Students have the tendency to look up to you.

As for fringe benefits, they change from one country to other.

During our course, our job guidance department will provide expectations our trainees are bound to receive in accord to their preferred locations.

ITTO places you in the best possible working conditions with reputable schools available at the time you take the course.

Yes, although most Universities require for the applicant to have a minimum of M.A. along with a TEFL certificate. We have successfully placed qualified teachers in Universities.

Our candidates are usually preferred over other applicants applying at Universities.

Many jobs offered will allow you to work without a degree. The main requirement is to be a proficient English speaker and be a certified EFL teacher. We have successfully secured several positions for graduates who did not have a degree.

There are some restrictions in the European community for non Europeans to work, being at times free lancing the option to be taken when planning to work in Europe.

Yes. ITTO is able to guarantee graduates paid teaching positions practically in all major cities around the world.. All graduates receive individual counseling and assistance with finding a teaching job.

As ITTO is an international organization it has contact with many schools worldwide and can often place graduates within its own network of language schools.

ITTO will help with all aspects of job seeking from CV/resume construction and interview techniques to arranging job interviews.

No. ITTO’s International TEFL Certificate course includes all the teaching practice you may need to become an effective TEFL teacher, we include 10 hours of real EFL teaching experience, and more available upon request.

Yes, our trainees are usually placed within two weeks after the completion of their course; however, very often they are employed by the time the course finishes.

Before graduation we conduct job workshops to prepare you for your job search. The job guidance is a service we offer to our graduates for a lifetime.

First, allow me to depict how the cost of living in Mexico is considerably cheaper than in the U.S. and Europe. Renting an apartment or a small house anywhere in Mexico can be more affordable than staying on a hotel, posada or motel for only a few days.

You can find a place to rent starting at $150 U.S. dollars for an unfurnished small house or an apartment (On a year contract).

Furnished apartments can also be available starting at around $300 U.S. dollars.

One thing you need to consider is that there may be some paper work and other requirements involved in renting a place (Like having a co-signer that backs you up on the transaction).

The whole process can be arranged in a few days. People who came to our course and decided to rent a place in their teaching location first arrived there and started looking for their apartment in the classified ads.

School administrators rarely pay their accommodation, but most of the time help and guide their new teachers to obtain a place to live (A few times our graduates secure their housing on their own).

We also, upon request, guide you on this important post course issue.

Most of our students prefer to dress casually during the day and dress professionally for teaching practices in the late afternoon.

During morning sessions and lesson preparation sessions at ITTO, you are welcome to dress casually, feel free to wear what makes you more comfortable You are requested to dress professionally for your teaching practices in the afternoon (Sandals, shorts, torn items, T-shirts, low collar in blouses, mini skirts, jeans, tennis shoes or sneakers are not acceptable.).

This is a standard in the world of teaching which you are invited to follow during your teaching practices, at job interviews and as you teach in your newly acquired profession.

Our administration has been operating for more than 4 decades.

Our TEFL Instructors are required to have had a successful career in teaching of at least five years and EFL Teacher Training experience for a minimum of three years, although most of them amply exceed this margin.

All are active teachers, therefore fully aware of the classroom situations facing teachers today.

We advise our trainees to bring around 1,000 USD besides their tuition and accommodation fee for their expenses during and after the course if they want to start working immediately after our certification program.

Shopping, traveling to resort locations after our course or above the average entertainment and eating out preferences will definitely bring extra expenses.

The cost of living in Mexico is considerably less than in some first world countries. A trainee not staying with a Mexican family can limit expenses to $35 to $45 U.S. dollars a week buying groceries at conveniently located supermarkets around our training center. Our home stay option includes meals.

We advise our trainees to purchase international health insurance; this can usually be obtained from your local travel agent or through a broker. Please also bring the latest copy of your C.V./resume on a disc, your birth certificate or a notarized copy and a copy of any degrees/certificates you may have.

Trainees at times decide to bring their laptops, however consider we have 15+ computers available in our premises for our students to create lesson plans or activities for the teaching practices, and 40+ computers for emailing, internet surfing or learning Spanish at our EFL partner school.

In regards to clothing, most of our students prefer to dress casually during the day and dress professionally for teaching practices in the late afternoon.

You are required to dress professionally for your teaching practices (Sandals, shorts, torn items, T-shirts, low collar in blouses, mini skirts, tennis shoes or sneakers are not acceptable.).

This is a standard in the world of teaching which you are invited to follow, when you do your teaching practices, attend job interviews and teaching. At ITTO premises, during morning sessions and lesson preparation sessions, you are welcome to dress casually feeling free to wear what makes you comfortable.

A few issues you should consider: Voltage in Mexico is 115 volts. You will be able to use cash-points (ATMs) throughout Mexico when having a valid Visa/MasterCard/AMEX card and a PIN number.

Finally, there are several excellent guidebooks for Mexico on the market that you may consider obtaining e.g. Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and Time Out.

When our students request to be placed, we contact schools looking for a teacher in the area or location you selected.

We provide your resume and our recommendation to the school.

Once the school is interested and they have approved you to be the right candidate, then we either set up an interview over the phone, skype, or you travel to the school to do an interview in person.

This interview will be the opportunity to make a good impression. Sometimes schools will request a teaching demo lesson.

Our commitment with our students guarantees that we will find a paid teaching position in any major city around the world.

We have placed trainees in the United States, Central and South America, Asia and Europe.

During the first week of classes we ask our students to fill out a job placement request form where they rank the top five locations.

Sometimes extraordinary jobs may also be offered to our students in other locations, or locations close to their preferred cities.

(American) No, in fact the outlets in Mexico are the same as in the U.S. But, keep in mind that you might not find very many three-prong outlets here in Mexico.

So, for this reason an extension cord may be helpful, but it’s certainly not necessary.

(UK and Europe) Yes, you will need one. Mexico has two prong outlets, and sometimes three-prong outlets, that are different than what you have in the UK and Europe.

It’s a very safe city. Like any big city you should be aware of your surroundings and take care of yourself.

For instance, you won’t have any problems at all traveling around the city by yourself using public transportation and taxis, our students do it all the time.

The first week of classes we’ll give you an information packet about the city, its attractions, and things to see and do.

Our students have never had any bad experiences involving crime.

It’s very comforting year round, with warm days and cool nights.

Most people think it’s the perfect climate; it’s called the City of Eternal Spring by locals.

There is a rainy season that takes place during the months of May to October.

No, you don’t. But we recommend that you check on the Mexican Embassy’s website for your country for recommendations.

Traveling to large, major cities in Mexico isn’t a problem.

Traveling to Guadalajara will certainly not require a vaccine.

There may be some need to get vaccines if traveling to tropical areas, or areas where outbreaks have occurred before; these are usually places that are distant from civilization, not frequented by travelers.

So, you shouldn’t have a problem or need a vaccine.

Yes. Having a high school diploma and our certification will assure a position, since our school has the reputation of providing qualified teachers.

Yes. You may need a co-signer in order to rent a house or an apartment.

Normally, our students don’t have any problems finding a place to live and can easily rent an apartment. We will give you advice on how to find and rent an apartment.

We start a file for you before you arrive in Guadalajara.

We ask you for your resume because most students need to modify it once they are here in Guadalajara to make it acceptable for applying to Mexican schools and the European Schools, and it may need to be adapted for your desired destination.

We would not advice you to get to Guadalajara without your resume and have to start from scratch.

Most likely the majority, if not all, hotels, hostels, and guesthouses aren’t going to accept pets, but there are pet hotels where you can board your animals.

We’ve had students use them in the past, and they were satisfied with the service.

You will probably pay per pet, and for how long your pet stays. As for finding an apartment or place to live with a pet, houses for rent usually are pet friendly, so that shouldn’t be a problem as long as your pet doesn’t pose a threat or nuisance.

We like to keep our classes small so that you get as much out of the course as possible.

The classes are no bigger than twenty students, and usually every class fills up months in advance.

If you are seriously considering taking our course, we suggest you sign up as early as possible and pay the deposit in order to reserve a spot. Once your deposit is paid you can always switch to a later class if there is a spot available.

We offer more hours of teaching practice, which we believe is one of the most important aspects of this course.

We offer ten hours of actual teaching practice, with real EFL students taking English classes, in one of our, within walking distance, affiliated language schools. CELTA offers only six hours of teaching practice.

Teaching practice is really important to mature as a teacher and become comfortable in a classroom before you are actually hired. Also, our course is cheaper than CELTA, yet we offer the same quality.

Our instructors are all trained in teaching English, have had years of experience here and abroad, and have experience teaching this course.

Our students are very confident in their teaching abilities when they finish the course.

We attribute their preparedness to the structure of our course, the information you learn, but mostly the practice you get and the confidence and teaching experience that comes along with it.

ITTO TEFL Ratings based on the most reputable
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4.6 out of 5 overall rating

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9.5 out of 10 overall rating

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Rated for High Value and Academic Rigor