Teaching English in Europe?


Many people are on the lookout for a job that they love and provides them with the sense of adventure that they desire. However, being able to earn a living is also important. Teaching English as a foreign language is a career choice that fits both requirements, allowing people to live abroad while making good money. English teaching jobs in Europe are in demand, providing plenty of opportunities to see the continent up close and personal. Have you ever wondered what it is like to teach English in another country?

Working in a European city is a different experience than in the United States. In many major European cities, the pace is slightly slower, but with the same expectations for quality. Students learning English want to learn quickly, while also taking enough time to fully understand the new language. The work culture in much of Europe incorporates time for enjoyment and entertainment. Those with English teaching jobs in Europe are often able to balance work and play as they explore new surroundings rich with historical significance.

Depending on the location and the type of institution, TEFL instructors can expect to earn a competitive salary. Some of the higher paying locations include:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Greece

Cost of living in these popular destinations can be expensive, but there are good job opportunities in central and eastern European cities, such as Prague and Budapest, where the cost of living is much lower.

In general, most English teaching jobs in Europe begin in September or October, when the school year begins. Not all countries follow the traditional school year schedule, but almost all incorporate several weeks of holiday breaks throughout the year. Depending on where you find a job, teaching jobs require you to work during daytime hours. Some programs offer after-work or after-school classes when teachers would have to teach during the evening. Regardless of the work schedule you end up with, there is generally always time to sightsee and play tourist.

Finding English teaching jobs in Europe is one of the best ways for people with wanderlust to experience a foreign culture in an intimate manner. Immersing oneself in the culture is the best way to truly see and feel how life is lived in a European country. Many teachers become involved in the lives of their students and are able to gain a complete understanding of a country. Teaching English in Europe can be an ideal way to share your love of learning and teaching while travelling to some of the world’s most beautiful and historic locations.

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