3 Ways to Explore Mexican Culture While Teaching English


So you are now contemplating taking your TEFL Certification Course with ITTO in Guadalajara, Mexico. As your Expert Advisors have been telling you, there are excellent advantages of doing your training with ITTO. Some of the most relevant advantages of doing your TEFL training in Mexico with ITTO include cultural immersion and travel. The question on your mind is probably; how will all accomplish this? The following are 3 ways you can Explore Mexican Culture While Teaching English:

1. Food: This category would seem as the most obvious and also the tastiest! Mexican Cuisine is renown worldwide for its spices, colors, and of course; its flavor. A culinary history stretching for more than a thousand years and an influence of Mesoamerican and European cultures has placed Mexican Cuisine on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Simple dishes like Guadalajara’s exclusive “Torta Ahogada” or a national favorite like “Pozole”, “Birria”, “Tamales”, and of course the international favorite; “Tacos” make your task as an culinary explorer an adventure all its own.

2. Language: Not speaking Spanish may be a discouraging factor for you since you might be apprehensive about living in a place where you will not be able to communicate. No Spanish – No Problem! Your time during the TEFL course at ITTO will be all about Language learning. Full immersion in a Spanish speaking environment will allow you to catch on to the language faster than you think. Not to mention that Mexican people are among the friendliest human beings you can find on the planet. According to Forbes 2013 Lists, Mexico is in the top 20 countries with the happiest populations in the world. It’s probably the food!

3. Excursions: This way will definitely be the most popular. Once you complete the course and take advantage of our Job Placement Service you will have the ability to live anywhere in Mexico that you like. North, Central, or Southern Mexico offer marvels that you simply must explore! Weekend excursions to any of the famous pyramids located throughout the central and southern part of the country or any the many architectural jewels of Mexico’s colonial period as well as the modern infrastructure of Mexico’s progressive modernization will make for excellent stories to friends and family, not to mention all those pictures and selfies!

So why wait any longer? Take the plunge and live the world you life in and don’t just read about it!