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4 week English Teacher Training + Job Placement Service Guaranteed. Study + Work + Travel Worldwide


TEFL program in Guadalajara, Mexico
Become an Internationally Certified English Teacher

Apply for your desired TEFL Course date with only $200 USD. If you can’t make it, no problem, you can get this deposit back. NO questions asked.

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The International Teacher Training Organization is a TEFL Certification school dedicated to providing high quality Teaching English as a Foreign Language training to all English speakers with the desire to teach English worldwide. There are many TEFL schools out there however, what sets ITTO above others is the actual content of the program, high concentration of input hours, greater quantity of observed teaching practices, plus guaranteed employment service worldwide.

Once you have completed our TEFL course you will feel that your skills have been put to the test and you have gained a wealth of resources and abilities to teach anywhere in the world. Our school is highly committed to education and one of our primary goals is to improve the quality of EFL teaching around the world through our top notch graduates.

Putting our school into a few words we would definitely say that ITTO is committed and counts with the resources to put you in a classroom anywhere in the world and have you truly teach English as a Foreign Language

The Course


This is how the course works: It consists of 140 hours which are covered in 4 weeks Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00. Intense, I know but very well worth it. You see, our course exceeds the international standard which is why employers prefer our grads over all others in the market. These 140 hours are integrated as follows:

  • 120 hours of Content Input Session
  • 11 hours of observed teaching practicum on real EFL students
  • 6 hours of veteran professor class observation
  • 2 hours of conversation class
  • 1 hour of Private Tutoring

The course is divided into six areas of study:

  • 1. – Classroom Management
  • 2. – Teaching Skills
  • 3. – Language Awareness (Grammar)
  • 4. – Phonology
  • 5. – Unknown Language
  • 6. – Teaching Practice



Tuition Only $1495


  • 4 week TEFL Training
  • International Certification
  • Student ID
  • ALL course materials and stationary supplies + printing and photocopying
  • Pre-course preparation assignments
  • Added values available at NO extra cost to you:
  • FREE Guaranteed Paid Job Placement Service + Lifelong EFL career Guidance
  • 1 week of Spanish Lessons at most accredited Spanish school in Mexico ($258USD Value)
  • 11 Specialty Certificates in competitive teaching dexterities
  • Unlimited WIFI /Internet Access
  • Unlimited Doctor Consultation + Emergency Medical Response
  • Airport reception and transportation to your lodgings.
  • New addition: 3 Month membership to ESL Library.




Tuition + Housing

These options include your course tuition and housing:

Option A

Private Room – $2,455 USD

Tuition + 5 weeks Housing / Private Room

Option B

Shared Room – $2,135 USD

Tuition + 5 weeks Housing / Shared Room

Option C

Homestay – $2,255 USD

Tuition + 3 daily meals + 5 weeks housing in a homestay



Lifetime Job Placement Service at ITTO – Yes, you will also get a job.

ITTO is the only TEFL Provide with over 4500+ graduates working overseas in both onsite and online teaching positions. Our solid Job Guidance Infrastructure, Worldwide Employer Database of over 13,000 schools and expert career counselors enable us to secure quality jobs for our graduates on a regular basis.

This is a breakdown on the job placement process in 6 simple steps:

  1. 1.- You provide us with a list of 5 different cities where you would like to work in.
  2. 2.- Our job placement specialist assists you in integrating a CV specifically for the EFL market and your destination objectives.
  3. 3.- Through our job guidance sessions you are oriented and informed on how to secure jobs through proven successful interview techniques.
  4. 4.- Our job placement specialist contacts schools for you using your CV and arranges for your interviews.
  5. 5.- You interview with employers over the phone or via Skype or physically if you decide to stay in Guadalajara.
  6. 6.- You decide which job you would like to keep and sign the contract.

At ITTO We strive to empower people to travel the world teaching English and become better human beings through cultural exchange; we basically inspire Education and Travel.