Preparing English Test

Top 5 Tips for Preparing English Tests


Exams, tests, evaluations… What ever you wish to call them, preparing tests for your English students is something that may not always come so easily. How will you truly evaluate their progress? What material should you cover? Open questions or multiple choice, which to use? These are some of the questions shooting through your mind.

The following are our Top 5 Tips for Preparing English Tests:

1. Be Very Clear On Your Instructions. Try to avoid complicating your instructions so that students are fully aware of how you expect them to answer the questions.

2. Focus On Known Content. Use material that the students have covered in class. Don’t surprise them with content you did not cover in class.

3. Use Examples. Using examples at the beginning of a section will allow the student to very clearly identify what he/she is expected to answer.

4. Use Different Types of Questions. Multiple Choice, Gapfill, World Jumble, are just a couple that you can use to keep the test interesting and keep the student focused.

5. Spell Check. The worst thing that can happen as making a grammar error on an English exam you created. Make sure to double check for spelling and grammar before you print.

Use these tips for your next tests and you will surely have great results.

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