5 Competitive Skills Developed by Teaching Overseas


We wanted to share with you that Study + Work Abroad programs like ours boosts your professional career in any field, not just in EFL teaching. A recent study conducted by the University of Texas shows that graduates which list work abroad programs in their CV, secure employment over graduates who do not count with these work abroad listing in 3 out of every 4 cases. Essentially, by working abroad you improve your professional networth by 75%!

The following are 5 Competitive Skills Developed by Teaching Overseas:

1. Improved Cognitive Skills: problem solving, analytic activity: By working in a foreign culture you are able to increase these skills since you are functioning within a work environment with a different language and work ethics. Employers value professionals who are able to provide multiple solutions to a problem which is exactly what you gain through a study + work abroad program.

2. Sharpening of Interpersonal and Relationship Skills: Building relationships is vital to any professional. Immersing yourself in a foreign country will considerably build your ability to engage and communicate with people, since you do not speak the local language, other communicative skills with come into play. Employers will know that you count with the resources to communicate with people regardless of language barriers.

3. Increased Tolerance for Ambiguity and Adaptability: How much more adaptable can you be if you are living in a place entirely different to where you grew up? By living and working in a foreign country your resume will clearly show your adaptability skills in any professional scenario.

4. Stronger Cross Cultural Sensitivity: Globalization is a fact. The world is getting much smaller and all companies need professionals on their team that understand the global outlook in order to engage with co-workers and clients in a multicultural setting.

5. Related Personal Traits: character, self-reliance, dependability: When you study + work abroad you entirely depend on yourself. Dependability is a unique trait developed while living and working abroad. Employers will know that you are able to perform within their organizations because you count with the character and self-reliance to function in a foreign country. After working abroad, working at home will be easy.

These are some of the career building points employers will see right away on your CV when listing study + work abroad experiences.