Is Teaching English Overseas Only for Native Speakers?


If you are considering Teaching English Overseas / Overseas English Teaching, you might wonder if it is only for native speakers. While some schools appreciate native language English teachers, it is not a necessity. So what skills do you need to have? In all situations, the first requirement is that you can read, write, and speak English. Next, if you have the talent to teach the language to others, you are on your way to teaching the English language overseas. Finally, there are a number of considerations you need to contemplate before packing your bags.

  • Select a country. The greatest demand for English-speaking teachers is in Asia and Latin America. However, there are numerous opportunities available for Teaching English Overseas / Overseas English Teaching in Russia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Cambodia, Thailand, and even Ghana. In short, a plethora of choices exists for English-speaking teachers, and there is no perfect way to choose your location. Most programs recommend that you research your opportunities and choose based on personal interests.
  • Contract length. Some schools will require you to sign a one-year contract, while others will only ask for a verbal promise that you will stay. Contracts differ depending upon the business and on the labor regulations of individual countries. Contract details can cover frequency and amount of pay, the minimum number of guaranteed terms, and hours of availability. Other factors in contracts for Teaching English Overseas / Overseas English Teaching incorporate contract period length, teaching classes outside of the school, and conditions for severing the contract.
  • Required preparation. There are many options for teacher training, including Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification courses and job placement. The majority of schools around the world require that you have a four-year college diploma. Many will not employ a teacher without one. In fact, in most locations in Asia, it is a condition in order to receive a work visa. Most schools favor teachers who have some amount of training. Frequently the best jobs with the largest salaries are reserved for certified teachers. In an increasingly competitive environment, it is an absolute necessity at certain schools and in particular areas.

English-speaking teachers are in need in nearly every country in the world. If you are considering Teaching English Overseas / Overseas English Teaching, it is important to understand that the job is not only for native speakers. In some cases, you can receive more money if you know the language, and it will help you adjust to the environment if you have some level of comprehension. However, you can teach English in any country worldwide regardless of whether or not you understand the language. Moreover, the majority of schools provide social activities and communication courses to familiarize their teachers better with the local culture.

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