3 Ways to Teach English to Children


Teaching English to Young Learners can present a multitude of challenges. However, this does not mean that it has to be difficult or frustrating. Young Learners (age 3 to 8) have the great advantage of absorbing everything that is taught to them like sponges. It all depends on how you present the information to them. The following are 3 Ways to Teach English to Children:

1. Exposure Leads Understanding: The more exposure the child has to the language the better. Presenting daily topics in the standard class scenario will not suffice for the child to learn and practice the language. Short stories, cartoons, interactive games, and several other fun resources are available to keep your young learners practicing English throughout the day. For example, have them play the “name game” ask them to try to name all of the different things they see throughout the day such as; the blue car, the green dress, the brown cat.

2. Reading Is Fundamental: Read regularly to your young learners and make sure that you dramatize the tone of your voice to emphasize phonology. Fortunately, today there are a massive number of short stories available on the internet and in books to help English teachers use these types of resources in the classroom.

3. Make Learning Fun: Children are all about having fun. If your lesson plan does not include fun activities or games, then your class is doomed to fail. You don’t have to overwork either, keep in mind that a simple cartoon on your worksheets or activities that require your students to move around a bit will do the trick.

Use these 3 ways to Teaching English to Children and your classes will be full of learning and laughs!