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Teaching English in Brazil

Job vacancies for qualified native English speakers can be found in any city regardless of size or location. Legal working papers are hard to come by and there is caution that this being the case may not guarantee a most pleasant work experience. Cost of living in the bigger cities is similar to the USA. Most teaching positions pay is usually from $8 to $10 USD per hour.

The best time of the year to start working is in February. Some schools can offer shared accommodations plus a salary of $800 to $1,000 USD per month. Teachers are better off to apply from their own country for the best job offers. Private lessons can be at approximately $11 USD per hour. Those with at least 2 years experience are given the most stable jobs.

Traveling to Brazil

Brazil has many beautiful stretches of white sandy beaches, the green lush dense rainforest of the great Amazon River and certainly some of the most highly industrialized mega-cities in the world. This is a country of an immense size and population, which is estimated at just fewer than 200 million people. The currency is the “real” which is approximately $3.90 for $1 USD.

The official language is Portuguese, but Spanish, English and French are also spoken. Brazil enjoys a very pleasant climate with five varying degrees of tropical zones. The very humid Amazon region gets more rainfall than most of the country where rain is very moderate. Temperatures range from 70 F to 85 F and the coasts have some nice trade breezes coming through from the South Atlantic Ocean.

The country has long captivated the world with its famous deep dark jungle along the Amazon and the never ending party atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro. It houses one of the world mega cities Sao Paolo which has an estimated population of over 18 million people. Brazil’s natural beauty is astonishing. Rio is a playground for beach bums, party people and sport enthusiasts. There is a fluidity or rhythm to the city found no where else. The local people live life to the fullest and cheerfully welcome every visitor. Whether one wants to shop, sight see or just lounge there is no shortage of entertainment. Carnaval is the place and time to visit; however, the foreigner must be wary of inflated prices, not a minute of tranquility or the prospect of some danger.

There are world class museums, galleries, restaurants, shopping, and an endless night club scene. Not far away from the big city are some tranquil beaches to rest upon once energy has run low. There are many eco adventure tours of the mighty Amazon River with expert navigators for the traveler who is used to packing for the back country so taking the opportunity of a life time is highly recommended.