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Teaching English in China

Teaching demand in Hong Kong is really high for specialized English teachers. There is a great need for the medical staff, tourism operators and all business areas. Eastern and Western culture differ in many ways. Native speakers are revered for authentic western cultural knowledge. Qualified English teachers are offered fair salaries and those with higher university degrees receive better salaries. The currency is approximately 6.40 Yuan Renminbi for $1 US dollar. Salary ranges from approximately 2,500 RMB to 3,000 RMB per month and accommodations are almost always provided by the employer. Working permits are possible to negotiate from the home country and after landing in China.

Cost of living is very reasonable, especially in the north. Hong Kong has its own system within China and even has its own currency, which is approximately 7.80 HK dollars to $1 US dollar. Even though pay may be from $12 000 HK to 50 000 HK, the cost of living is very high. Class sizes are considerably larger than anywhere else, which must be taken into account. We recommend doing some reseach on cultural differences before arriving to China. Political Discussions are not welcome and other various sensible topics.

Traveling to China

China, it is one of the world’s oldest, most intricate, and fascinating countries. It is for the most part a mountainous country. The estimated population is approximately 1.3 billion people. Until 1978, the government was strictly communist giving way economically to many insufficiencies. The market based on modernization of the country has been responsible for a great shift in productivity. It is now only second to the U.S. for investment output.

Climatically, the country is extremely diverse with regions of subtropical weather in the south and areas of sub arctic weather in the north. Temperatures range from below zero F in winter to 85 F in summer. Monsoon season regularly threatens coastal areas starting in April and lasting until October. One official dialect does exist in language; however every region has its own style which other areas do not understand, on the other hand written language is such that all are universally understood in written form.

Many of the world’s most advanced inventions came from China, notably paper, printing, silk, the abacus, and the compass. Places to see and things to do in the nation vary as much as the climate, depending on what one is most interested in. The best times of year to visit are in spring and fall. Hong Kong offers from big city shopping, sight seeing, deep relaxation, historical exploration and in many places one finds the comfort of western civilization influence. Getting around the city is very easy!