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Teaching English in Costa Rica

Teaching English in Costa Rica is a great choice for certified teachers, since it is close to many other Latin American countries and therefore opportunities would be easier to find. More of an emphasis is put on commerce rather than the use of natural resources for the Costa Rican economy so the demand for native English speakers is immediate. The currency is the colon approximately $530 colons to the US dollar. Salaries for the certified teachers vary from $700 USD – $1,100 USD per month for full time work. Private tutors can earn up to $15 per hour. Accommodations can cost from $350 US to $460 US per month, but assistance is often provided by employers.

Traveling to Costa Rica

The population of Costa Rica is just over 4 million, which is small in contrast to other Latin American countries. The climate in the mountainous areas of the country is continually spring-like with temperatures ranging from 60 F to 79F, the coast boasts much hotter temperatures ranging from 70 F to 86 F. Dry season occurs from late December to April and wet season lasts for the rest of the year. The economy is strong, as business initiatives recently made have drawn it away from exportation of resources; more technically based corporations are developing. Unemployment is very low estimated at approximately 6.6%.

Costa Rica has the reputation as having a history of providing its people with a strong social welfare system and for negotiating peaceful resolutions to political disputes. The government maintains high educational standards.

Geographically, the country is one of the most dramatically picturesque of all in Latin America with plenty of beautiful coast line as well as stunning mountains surrounded by an unprecedented amount of flora and fauna. Costa Rica is a dream for the naturalist. The local people are known as friendly and as a whole they uphold strong environmental awareness. The people are conservative in their approach to life.

Costa Ricans affectionately refer to themselves as “Ticos”; they value family above all else. Religious holidays are very elaborate as at those times of the year festivals abound all around the country. At night, the “Ticos” like to show off how skilled they are on the dance floor and find many occasions to dance the night away.