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Teaching English in Ecuador

English is the language of business so there is a great need for native English teachers in Quito. Even non-natives have a huge chance of finding a teaching opportunity. The city of Guayaquil, as well as the beautiful city of Cuenca, are good centers to find work. Most positions are for university students or business people. Because of the climate, it is rare to teach during the day. Tons of language centers exist and some are owned by expatriates, so finding a job is a relatively easy task. The best schools pay a salary of about $900 to $1000 USD per month and apartments can cost up to $250 USD per month.

Living expenses are very low and one can expect to spend only a few hundred US dollars per month. Most experienced teachers have said that not a lot of money is left over for savings, but one can expect to have the extra money to be able to travel around the area and to live comfortably while in the country. It is really easy to commute, so keep open ears for opportunities that can be found to decide which are most suitable.

Traveling to Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America and is unique in its rugged Andean high altitudes. The country boasts some of the most spectacular volcanic panorama and pristine impenetrable rain forest in the world. Isla Bartolome is part of the Galapagos which belong to Ecuador and is home to the rarest birds, crabs, sea lions, pelicans, mockingbirds, doves and penguins. The Galapagos are a study in the progression of the growth of the planet, as a matter of fact, many scientists visit for this unprecedented perspective. Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is distinguished as one of the most appealing cities in South America.

The climate is refreshingly spring like all year round and dazzling snow capped volcanic mountains surround the lofty 9350 feet above sea level metropolitan area. The old architecture is surrounded by the new sleek modern architecture of Quito. There are many ways to pass the time in the city, one can visit the museums or just relax in a cafe to watch the fascinating passers by. The country is not only characterized by its eclectic inhabitants, it has also been known as having a turbulent political system.

1998 was a turbulent year economically for Ecuador because of the hurricane “El Nino”. A military coup took place so that the collapsed economy could rebound. An adoption of the US dollar as currency was then put into place. Ecuadorian government has been plagued with internal corruption; six presidents have served in only seven years. The people are notorious as being harmonious and gentle. There is a great mix of distinctive cultures all together in a compact area which makes for a mosaic of experiences and sights. Afro-Ecuadorians are well noted for their marimba music and dance festivals.

The ancient cultures of the tribes in the Andean areas still flourish. The climate in Ecuador is tropical along the coast and in the Amazon region, but cooler in the higher altitudes. Temperatures along the coast and in the Amazon are from highs of 90 F to lows of 66 F. Quito’s temperatures range from highs of 72 F to lows of 55 F.