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Teaching English in South Africa

There are jobs available in South Africa especially around and in Cape Town. Preference is given to locals in the market when job hunting. In order that an employer can obtain the necessary documents they must prove that they were not able to hire a South African. This means that competition is tough so one must bring considerable credentials as well as have experience. Teachers may earn from $10 to $20 US per hour. Accommodations are very expensive as the local living standard is steep. It would be wise to do some research before simply just moving to South Africa.

Traveling to South Africa

Located on the southern most tip of the continent of Africa, South Africa is surrounded by Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, and the southern Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. The estimated population is approximately 44 million. The largest city is Cape Town with approximately 3 million inhabitants, second largest is Durban/Pinetown with 2.3 million people and thirdly is Johannesburg with 1.3 million. The country is divided into 9 provinces. The people are approximately 80% of black African descent, approximately 10% caucasian, and the rest of mixed color or Indian/Asian descent. There are 11 official languages used and they vary a great deal, an estimated, 23% speak IsiZulu, 17% IsiXhosa, 13% Afrikaans (Dutch dialect), 8% English, 8% Setswana, and the rest other languages.

The climate in South Africa is known to be one of the most comfortable on the planet. Temperatures range from 60 F to 82 F all year round in most areas but of course are different at the higher altitudes. Sunshine is plentiful in every area of the country. The currency is the rand which trades at approximately 15.46 rands per $1 US dollar.

South Africa was originally settled by a group of Dutch Colonists earlier in its history; however, by 1902 the British navy claimed it for its wealth of diamonds and gold. What then ensued was a colony ruled under the code of apartheid which was abolished in the 1990s. Economic policies are known to be on the conservative side making it very stable and ranking in one of the top positions of the world.

There has long been a rift between the races of black and white in the country reflected through art and literature. The painful past is lifting toward a better present and an even better future. The fact that the cultural conflicts are being resolved gives way for a very colorful multicultural discovery. Music is very important to the people and the visitor quickly detects this by the amount heard on every street corner in Cape Town. Cape Town is known for its openness to foreigners. The setting for this city is one of the most picturesque to behold. Mountains, beaches, wineries, and a rocky coastline are just some of its features. Johannesburg is known as a city of contrasts and is often viewed as not safe; however, with proper foresight this is easily navigable in safety. Johannesburg has a faster pace than others in the country and it bubbles with an exciting arts scene. September and October are the best months to witness the liberating Arts Alive festival.

South Africa is a great draw for the tourist for its abundant natural beauty. There exists there an array of wild life of distinctness. The country boasts one of the most pleasant weather conditions ever to be found. The keen observer can find a richness of multiculturalism found in no other place.