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Teaching English in the United Kingdom

Finding a position in the U.K. is only possible if the teacher applies and is sponsored by the employer before entering the country. The cost of living is high especially near or in London. Accommodations are extremely hard to find in London and prices escalate moment by moment. Smaller towns may have arrangements through host families for the teacher to stay. There are many private schools in the U.K.; the prospective teacher can easily access information through the internet and make contact with any one of them. Salaries can be from $500 to $600 US per week which may seem like a substantial amount but in reality is not by living standards.

Traveling to the United Kingdom

The U.K. comprises England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The population is estimated at 60 million people. London is for certain the heart of the country and has a population of approximately 7 million people. Currency is the sterling pound which trades at approximately 0.67 to 1 US dollar. Ethnicity is approximately 83% English, 8% Scottish, 4 % Welsh, 2% Irish and the remaining mixed. Economically, the U.K. has a strong well established system. The pound sterling trades at a considerably higher rate world over and is a long awaited hold out in exchange for the euro dollar.

The country was officially established in the 12th century under monarchy rule after many tribal infusions. Colonization was so widespread that at one time the U.K. dominated almost 25% of the world. The modern era was anchored by Queen Victoria who during her reign accomplished a stabilized democratic style government. After heavy involvement in the First and Second World Wars, a new young Queen Elizabeth ushered in the mid 20th century. Government is headed by both monarchy and the parliamentary systems. In recent times, the U.K. is headed by a more decentralized governing body and a strong deeply rooted monarchy. Many scientific advancements and contributions to art, music and literature are due to British innovation.

Climate is predominantly temperate with temperatures ranging from a low of 38 F to highs of approximately 65 F. Summer is cool and winter is mild. Cloud cover is common especially along the coast and there is a healthy amount of rain. The people of the United Kingdom are known for their sophisticated flair and sharp intelligence. There is a feeling of acceptance that originates from a well practiced exposure to foreigners from every background. London is a world class destination mostly because one can find just about everything there. The culture in the city is equally famous for the predominance of green spaces or large park lands. Many Londoners have picnics on their lunch hours.

This world class city is the differentiated by the serene pastoral countryside. Bath is recommended for its architectural treasures and 1st century hot springs. Historical devotees can spend hours browsing through Bath’s museums. The town is set on the beautiful Avon River amongst many parks where the visitor can enjoy strolling. The saying “kindness of strangers” seems to have been invented in Ireland no matter which part is visited. The landscape is aglow with green. Belfast is easily seen on foot as it is a very compact city; around every corner one comes across a pub. Live music venues make for an enjoyable night on the town. Ancient beside contemporary is seen in Edinburgh Scotland in conglomeration in a sophisticated style.