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Teaching English in the USA

Red tape can be quite overwhelming if one seeks work in the U.S.A. and is not a citizen. Each state has its own regulations in regard to acceptable teaching qualifications. After obtaining necessary certification in some states these will only be issued on a conditional basis. It is not an easy task to accomplish but it is set up this way to ensure that the teacher is dedicated to the work. The foreigner seeking certification should be aware that qualifications do not transfer from state to state.

There are hundreds of ESL schools that the job seeker can first research through resources such as magazines or the internet and then send a resume to. There has been a steady influx of immigrants into the country so positions are available for teaching adults and children. Many colleges have a job site board where one can browse to look for positions; as well there are state run schools for young learners which will also have jobs posted. Pay scale and cost of living will vary from state to state these can be negotiated accordingly to ensure comfortable living arrangements.

Traveling to the USA

Known as one the world’s most powerful and successful nations the United States of America has a population of over 290 million people. The country has a remarkably varied climate and geography. It borders Canada and Mexico as well as the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. There is a chain of mountains which are called the Rockies that line the north western states of Colorado, Montana and Wyoming. Climate is mainly temperate. Temperatures in most of the country can be as low as 30 F in winter months up to 100 F in summer months. Some northern states receive heavy snowfall. Florida and Hawaii enjoy hotter temperatures year round as they are tropical climates. Alaska has a very brief summer and year round is much colder as it has an arctic climate.

Economically the country sees growth year after year and unemployment remains low. The market seems to work in such a way so that investors may move their money around quite freely. Technological advances have been responsible for much of the world market monetary gains. The government historically spends a very large amount of tax dollars on military might.

Known as an ethnic “melting pot” the U.S. has people of almost every nationality Black, Hispanic, Oriental, and all areas of Europe. Caucasian people make up the majority with Hispanic and Black people being the largest minority groups. The idea of the melting pot is that no matter where the people originated they become exclusively American once living in the country. Historically the U.S.A. was a British settlement but broke away from it in 1776 but less than one hundred years later the nation was embroiled in a traumatic civil war. Having united after the civil war it experienced a complete economic collapse from the stock market crash at the end of 1929 to the bank panics of the early 1930s. Politically, the nation is strongly democratic.

There are many beautiful landscapes to visit as well as many exciting cityscapes to explore in the U.S. and depending on what your interests are there is sure to be something within the country to please. Regions have their own cultures. The north east coast is known for having the most sophisticated of all people. New York City is well established in the art scene and is so different from any other city in the country that it seems at times to be a country unto itself. People move at a very quick pace; there are many restaurants, galleries, live theater venues and bars to see and be seen in. Late spring is the best time to go as the weather is moderate and the crowds are not overwhelming.

Worth noting as well is Miami, Florida with its exciting Latin flavor, long stretches of white sandy beaches, entertainment galore and gorgeous weather. The visitor can join in on the excitement or just plan to relax. At night the feeling is more like a European club scene than any other in the U.S.; hedonism abounds.

California has a beautiful coastline drive that is breath taking. The north is the site of some of the most unique forests in the world. Los Angeles is the place to spot celebrities, visit many famous sites and perhaps enjoy a drink in one of its fabulous hotels. The beaches and the life style make it not only the back drop for a glamorous night vibe but for a sporty day time, beach stroll, game of volleyball or surfing. San Francisco is known for its natural beauty, and laid back yet lively “hippie” art scene. Las Vegas, Nevada is a world class entertainment Mecca. People come from all over to experience the excitement that is totally man made. This is one giant amusement park of a city where gambling is a way of life.