Why Teach English in Mexico?


For many, having a job means giving up travel, while travel means spending rather than making money. However, there is an alternative that offers both an enriching travel experience and steady work. Teaching English in Mexico allows you to truly make a difference as you travel, providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to change lives and experience Mexico in a unique way. Overall, three key reasons that make choosing to teach English in Mexico an attractive option are the adventure associated with travel, the job experience available, and the chance to make a difference in students’ lives.

1) Enriching Travel

Traveling as a teacher is in many ways similar to any other travel experience. When one chooses to teach English in Mexico, he or she is signing up for several enriching travel experiences, including:

  • Meeting new people
  • Practicing Spanish
  • Experiencing the culture and gaining a new perspective

However, unlike other travel experiences in which one may take on the role of a tourist, teaching English in Mexico allows a whole new perspective on the country and its people. Staying and working in one place means that the teacher has the chance to make deep connections with his or her students, and to gain a real understanding of the culture of the area.

2) Job Experience

English teachers in foreign countries gain numerous important professional and life skills that can change the course of their careers. Being able to teach English in Mexico demonstrates one’s patience, people skills, and overall resourcefulness.

3) Making a Difference

In addition to the personal adventure and great job experience to be had when one travels to Mexico to teach English, this occupation also does considerable service to students in Mexico. A firm grasp of the English language is a crucial skill these days, whether one lives in an English-speaking country or not. English teachers are especially needed in Mexico, where so many students go on to work in jobs that will require English proficiency. This makes is a great way to touch lives by teaching students a marketable skill that will improve their chances in the job market for the rest of their lives.

An Overall Rewarding Experience

Ultimately, those who teach English in Mexico can experience a whole different kind of travel, one in which they get to know a specific area and the people who live there, all while gaining invaluable job experience. Moreover, this work makes a profound impact, changing lives for the better and improving students’ future job prospects. To enrich your own life as well as those of others, consider teaching English in Mexico.

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